CFPJ’s Best Paper Prize:

 Kari Roberts of Mount Royal University and Susan Henders of York University are co-winners of CFPJ’s Best Paper Prize. 

David Carment, editor of the Canadian Foreign Policy Journal (CFPJ), announced that Kari Roberts and Susan Henders have won the 2021 CFPJ Best Paper Prize for their articles, respectively “Understanding Russia’s Security Priorities in the Arctic: Why Canada-Russia Cooperation Is Still Possible” appearing in Volume 27, Issue 2 and “People Acting across Borders and Canadian Foreign Policy: A Systemist Analysis” appearing in Volume 27, Issue 3.

Both articles are available on the CFPJ website at:

The prize is awarded annually for the best article published in the CFPJ. Each refereed contribution is eligible for consideration and members of CFPJ’s editorial and international advisory board judge the articles based on scholarship, contribution to knowledge and debate, writing style, and audience accessibility. The results this year were so close the committee decided to recognize both authors as winners.

The award carries a $500 prize. Past winners include Geoffrey Hale, Greg Anderson, Thomas Juneau, Stephen Brown, Emma Ashford, Erica Chenoweth, Laura Dugan, Christian Leuprecht, Michael Urban, Stéphane Roussel, Daryl Copeland, Kim Nossal, Susan Henders, Mary Young, and David Gordon.

ISA West Best Faculty Paper Award:

Sarah Gansen and Patrick James of the University of Southern California in Los Angeles are co-winners of ISA West Best Faculty Paper Award.

Luba Levin-Banchik, current President of the ISA West, and Maria C. Ortuoste, the ISA West Paper Award Chair, announced that Sarah Gansen and Patrick James won the 2021 Best Faculty Paper Award for their article “Visual International Relations – A Multidisciplinary Approach”. The prize is awarded annually for the best faculty article presented at the ISA West conference.