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Unraveling the intricacies of international relations through visual summaries. VIRP transforms complex academic arguments into accessible, visual formats for enhanced understanding.

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Engage with high-resolution, zoomable images and embedded PDFs for a detailed examination of complex academic arguments in a user-friendly format.

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Effortlessly locate specific diagrams with our powerful search tool, capable of handling multiple keywords to refine and target your academic inquiries.

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Access an extensive collection of diagrams that visually encapsulate key concepts and theories in international relations.

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We serve as a valuable educational tool for students and scholars alike, simplifying the study of international relations through visually represented data and theories.

The hippo pod you see looks huge and not headed anywhere in particular. In spite of many accomplishments over the course of its initial century, the academic discipline of international relations arguably looks much the same.

Proliferating subject matter, terminology, and methods collectively pose a great challenge to communication and thereby impede progress for the field as a whole.

Through the resources on this website, it is hoped that the virp can facilitate a way forward via more constructive engagement that is based on a visual approach.

Featured Diagrams

Browse through some of our featured diagrams that highlight key international relations concepts.

Citrin et al. 2023_Immigration in the Court of Public Opinion

The macro and micro levels of the United States, respectively, are government and society.

Roberts 2021_Understanding Russia’s Security Priorities in the Arctic

The macro and micro levels of Russia, respectively, are government and society.

Yeşilada and Noordijk 2010_Changing Values in Turkey

The macro and micro levels of Turkey, respectively, are government and society.

VIRP's Mission & Goals

About VIRP

At the heart of VIRP is our commitment to enhancing academic discourse in international relations through visual means. Learn more about our mission and the goals driving our project.

Behind VIRP

Meet Dr. Patrick James, the visionary behind VIRP, and learn about his journey and contributions to the field of international relations.

VIRP in the News

Stay updated with the latest news, awards, and recognitions related to VIRP and its impact in the academic world.

David Carment, editor of the Canadian Foreign Policy Journal (CFPJ), announced that Kari Roberts and Susan Henders have won the 2021 CFPJ Best Paper Prize for their articles, respectively “Understanding Russia’s Security Priorities in the Arctic: Why Canada-Russia Cooperation Is Still Possible” appearing in Volume 27, Issue 2 and “People Acting across Borders and Canadian Foreign Policy: A Systemist Analysis” appearing in Volume 27, Issue 3.
Luba Levin-Banchik, current President of the ISA West, and Maria C. Ortuoste, the ISA West Paper Award Chair, announced that Sarah Gansen and Patrick James won the 2021 Best Faculty Paper Award for their article “Visual International Relations – A Multidisciplinary Approach”. The prize is awarded annually for the best faculty article presented at the ISA West conference.
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